Friday, 27 April 2007

Blogevertise - make money from your blog

Blogvertise - allows you to get paid for posting about topics relevant to your blog. Unlike other ppp sites your blog only has to have been running for 1 month and sometimes they accept less.

I'm in the process of checking it out so i'll let you know how I get on


Advertise On This Blog

Accept credit cards on your site...

Advantage processors

So this blog all about making money online. I found a site that might be particually helpful for those of you out there with an established online based buisiness. Or anyone who is thinking about starting an online buisiness.

You can Accept Visa/Mastercard as well as more and you can accept credit card payments online, as well as offline.

As well as that they offer a whole bunch of features inlcluding shopping cart links, site enablement e.t.c And of course full support.

For more info check out their site -

Advantage Processors


Monday, 23 April 2007

Google Adsense Help!

Despite at one point havign a steady (yet small) income from running adsense on this site. In the past week I have earnt a big fat $0.00 from it.

My traffic levels have dropped slightly, yet I still have a decent amount of visitors but No money.

So I am seeking the advice of pro's out there what can I do to increase my adsense earnings. I know everyone say's I should put the adds inside my posting but I don;t want an adsense overload. But I guess if this site is about making money then that's what i'm gona have to do.

Any help appreciated.